• For your employees and customers

    Maximum Protection & maximum comfort

    Our washable Nano Protect & Comfort Mouth-nose protection combines pleasant wearing comfort with a high level of antiviral and antibacterial protection Sanitized®.

    Maximaler Schutz & höchster Komfort
  • With your own logo

    Sustainable & individually

    Our mouth and nose protection doesn't just look good. Make a statement for quality and sustainability with your own branding.

    Nachhaltig & individuell
  • Optimal fit

    More permanent Comfort

    In order to offer women, men and children maximum comfort and protection, we offer ours Nano Protect & Comfort Face mask in three sizes.

    Dauerhafter Tragekomfort

    Sustainable nano protective mask with your logo

    Wear and care - a strong team

    At Wear And Care we combine the expertise from many years of experience in the area of "occupational health management in a group environment" and over 30 years of experience in the manufacture of high-quality textile products from a traditional company with numerous national companies throughout Europe.

    We believe that personal protection in exceptional times like these does not have to fall victim to our sustainability and quality standards. For this reason we pursue the goal of offering our customers the highest quality at understandable prices. With the individual branding of our Nano Protect & Comfort mouth-nose protection, you convey this claim to your employees and customers in an appealing way.

    Satisfied customers speak for themselves

    Mund-Nase-Schutz NANO Protect and comfort

    Our Nano Protect & Comfort mouth and nose protection

    Meets the highest demands on quality and sustainability - without the addition of silver particles

    • Antiviral & antibacterial


      Mouth and nose protection made from PES fibers with Sanitized® has been proven to reduce up to 99% of viruses on textiles. 

    • Water-repellent protective mask


      A special, water-repellent outside withstands wind and weather and inhibits the entry and exit of droplets. 

    • Quality and sustainability


      Communicate your quality standards through individual branding.



      Different size models of our face mask for women, children and men guarantee an excellent fit. 

    • Pleasantly dry skin feeling


      Easy breathing thanks to the inner layer made of 100% finest cotton. Moisture can easily escape. 

    Antiviraler Mund-Nasen-Schutz

    Antiviral thanks to Sanitized®

    Finishing PES fibers with Sanitized® has been proven to reduce up to 99% of viruses on textiles. Tested by independent laboratories with a Feline Corona virus.   

    Waschbarer Mund-Nasen-Schutz

    Washable & reusable

    Full functionality for at least 30 washes at 60 ° C thanks to the highest material and manufacturing standards. Sustainable and inexpensive alternative to the disposable mask.

    Antibakterieller Mund-Nasen-Schutz

    Antibacterial & odor-inhibiting

    Antimicrobial effect with integrated hygiene function through the use of Sanitized®. The equipment with Sanitized® sustainably inhibits the settlement and multiplication of bacteria, mold and house dust mites and thus prevents the formation of odors, among other things. 

    Optimale Passform des Nano Protect & Comfort Mund-Nasen-Schutz

    Optimized fit

    Three-dimensional design, flexible knitting technology and size models for women, men and children (KIDS | M | L) guarantee an excellent fit and secure hold for a wide variety of face shapes.

    Mund-Nasen-Schutz mit Lotuseffekt

    Water-repellent lotus effect

    Special water-repellent (hydrophobic) outside withstands wind and weather and inhibits the entry and exit of droplets. Full effect even after 30+ washes thanks to an optimized finish.


    Long-term comfort

    Elastic, extra soft ear mounts (latex-free) and the use of special elastic sewing methods ensure tension-free wearing for hours with a constant, excellent hold. Particularly pleasant for glasses, hearing aid and headphone wearers. 

    Hydrophile Community Maske

    Pleasantly dry to wear

    Extra comfortable to wear and a noticeable reduction in breathing moisture thanks to the moisture-absorbing (hydrophilic) inner layer made from the finest 100% cotton. 

    Atmungsaktive Gesichtsmaske

    Breathable & skin-friendly

    Inner layer of 100% finest cotton flatters the skin while moisture can easily escape. Easy breathing thanks to the latest natural fibers and production technology possible.



    Thanks to the high-quality coated outer layer.

    Ökotex zertifizierte Gesichtsmaske

    Certified and sustainable

    All materials and equipment are ÖKO-TEX certified and are produced according to the strictest ecological standards. Made from natural fibers and environmentally friendly, recycled polyester.


    from 5,99 €(€ 0.20 per use at 30x wash)

    plus 19% VAT plus shipping and Printing (optional)

    from 1 pc.

     € 7.49 each

    from 100 pieces

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    from 500 pieces

     € 6.79 each

    from 1,000 pieces

     € 6.49 each

    from 5,000 pieces

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    from 10,000 pieces

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    frequently asked Questions

    Basically, you pay with us by invoice. The invoice is due when the delivery is made.

    In the case of very large orders and individual logo equipment, modified payment terms apply. For further information regarding your specific request, please contact us to clarify details in a personal conversation. 

    Smaller orders are served from our inventory within a few working days. 

    If you would like to have your logo printed individually, there is an additional processing time of 1-2 working days.

    In the event of a large order that exceeds our inventory, we expect 10-14 working days of production and delivery time.

    We only require a minimum order quantity in the case of logo printing. This is 100 pieces per order.

    There are basically no maximum quantities. However, we ask you to note that the maximum weekly production capacity is currently limited to 100,000 pieces.

    If you would like to purchase our Nano Protect & Comfort Oral Nose Protection for resale, please contact us. We will clarify the details and general conditions with you in a personal exchange.

    We at Wear And Care have a wide network of suppliers and wholesalers in the field of personal and medical protective equipment. We would be happy to help you find the right provider for your needs. Just speak to us directly or use our dedicated one Inquiry form.

    Our product is available in 21 different colors for you to choose from.


    Outside: Fabric made from 100% recycled PES, 155g / m2, hydrophobic and antiviral / bacterial. Latex free - suitable for allergy sufferers.

    Inside: Single jersey made of 100% cotton, 125g / m2, hydrophilic. Latex free - suitable for allergy sufferers.

    Waistband / ear holder: 15mm V-band made of 68% polyamide 6 / 32% Lycra, ZZ stitch for extra elasticity. Latex free - suitable for allergy sufferers.

    1. Wash at 60 °
    2. Not suitable for dryers
    3. Iron only at low temperature and turned inside out
    4. Do not dry clean
    5. Do not bleach
    6. Pull into shape after washing
    7. Do not use a detergent / disinfectant
    • Minimum order quantity: 100 pieces
    • Printable area within dashed lines (following page).
    • Left / right side of mask can be printed separately on the outside.
    • Print on both sides: + 50% on surcharges
    • Thermal transfer printing
    • Free color selection



    We look forward to questions and your feedback

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